Help how do I mount my iMac17 as an external HD

Discussion in 'iMac' started by misr12, Jan 30, 2010.

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    My daughters iMac17 (yep an old one,) has thousands of pictures and Her iMac17. She can no longer boot up the computer and she did not back up here HD. I know I know.... I think she has OSX Tiger. I don't know for sure. I am trying to implement a quick fix to get her data. There is not the dreaded "x" in the folder icon so I don't think there is a HD problem (I hope). On boot up I hold the "T" key down to turn her iMac into a external HD. It does display the bouncing firewire symbol. What cable do I need to use to get my MacBook (latest model) to mount her iMac as an external HD? My macbook does not have a firewire ports. Is there a cable to connect these two together? If not is my only option removing the internal HD and putting it in a external HD case? If so what kind of internal HD did the iMac17 use? Currently we can't boot up her iMac to see the internal devices. It just spins and does not boot up. Also, the fan is in high hair dryer mode (very loud). Please advise I need a solution to this. I am trying to be the hero Dad! Help.....


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    If your MacBook only has USB you can't get a cable to connect from the MacBook to the iMac's Fireware, the two are incompatible. Apple made different versions of 17" iMacs from 2002-2007. Can you be more explicit in which model of 17" iMac it is? What are the symptoms it's exhibiting?
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    If you can boot off of one of the install discs that came with the imac, you can use Disk Utility to try and repair the internal drive.

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