Help! How Do I Replicate These Pic Effects in Photoshop???

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by VideoNewbie, Aug 19, 2012.

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    hey guys,

    i need some help with photoshop effects. everything i know how to do up until this point is kind of the amateurs way. so i was wondering if i could get some help on how to do the effects below professionally.

    ive compiled a list of pictures to help assist in explaining what i am trying to achieve

    1- faded effect


    are there any pre-made filters that can achieve this on photoshop? i know there are a ton of one click filters built in for photo editing apps on the iphone and ipad but id like to replicate this on desktop.

    2.) bordering frames


    how would i easily create subtle borders around my photos like the one shown above? i know that i can create a simple border by going to image>>canvas size & then selecting size & color, but the border shown in the image above is not as simple.

    3.) dressing up fonts with font frames?


    not sure if im using the correct terminology but notice on the photos above the lines used to "frame" the font. how do i create this in photoshop?
    notice how its not just a simple line it has a bit of a shape to it.

    you can also see it in effect to a less ornate extent here


    4.) creating precise shapes & shadows


    note the above picture the emblem has a shadow, how do i do this? also note the precision of the rectangle shapes. the way i would do this would be:
    -haphazardly creating a new image
    -then using the paint bucket tool to fill it black (or blue or red)
    -then move that image onto the background image
    - then adjust the opacity so its kind of see through
    - then replicate the layer and bring in the top and bottom

    this seems to me very amateur and not how professionals do it though and id like to know how to do this professionally

    5.) applying your pre-made graphics to bulk images.


    say for example i now know how to create unique bordering frames , how would i then apply this bordering frame to all the pictures i have?

    6.) misc stamps, digital knick knacks & photoshop brushes


    this would be fine except id like to be able to change the color, so the best thing i should be using is a photoshop brush right?
    does anybody know of any good resources where i might be able to obtain unique photoshop brushes to create symbols and other digital knick knacks that can dress up your fonts, things like the symbols above or the font frame i talked about earlier?

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    You're asking to do more than one simple to explain thing...

    I'd suggest you need to follow a few tutorials to up skill a bit. My advice would be to check out Abduzeebo and PSD Tuts because there are plenty of tutorial outlining in great step by step detail how to achieve what you're trying to do.
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    You should check Blending options (right click on layer -> Blending options)

    For the border, you select stroke, then adjust the size and make it inside.

    Then the drop shadow, again, you adjust the size and position etc.

    And for the rectangles it's not amateurish, there isn't any other way. Maybe instead of bucket tool you can use color overlay again in blending options.

    You really ask too specific questions, just find few tutorials and follow them, and you will learn some useful things.
  4. samwich macrumors regular

    Aug 5, 2007
    Use adjustment layers. Add a Vibrance/Saturation and lower either one. Then add an exposure and increase the Offset a little bit. If you want the dirty effect, grab a grunge brush and paint a little black into the layer mask that the adjustment layer creates.

    Use the pen tool and draw a rectangle around the image. On a new layer, select the path that you created and Stroke the path with white at maybe 10-20 pixels. Then lower the opacity of the stroke layer or change the blend mode of the layer

    Find some vector decorations online and copy paste them in as smart objects. Scale/color them until they look nice

    Use the shape tool to draw the shapes as paths, you can edit them after you're done creating the shape. You can also choose a color/opacity after you close the shape. The drop shadow was done using Layer Styles. Add a Drop Shadow effect, change the angle, lower the opacity and increase the size. (Don't abuse the layer styles, use them sparingly and with fairly low opacity)

    Look into Photoshop actions and Automation.

    Google Photoshop Brushes, or if you have a black and white image like that you can open it in Photoshop and choose the Define Brush Preset option from the Edit dropdown menu

    I agree with the other post about finding some general tutorials for Photoshop. There are often many different ways to achieve the effects you posted, so you should find the best way that works for you.

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