HELP!? How do I restore cleared text messages?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tagsalegirl, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Dec 28, 2012
    I met this amazing person and have saved every message from him since we started dating. My phone has been Flipping to "clear all previous messages?" at times when I am reviewing messages, and I've always been able to catch it and stop it. (I think it's getting touchy since it's 2.5 years old now?) Apparently it did it while it was in my pocket or purse and I bumped it or something and now they're all GONE as os of 9 yesterday morning (I just noticed about an hour ago). I've seen threads about how to back up on a computer, but how about restoring them back on to my phone? I would like to back them up on my computer going forward so I don't have to worry about it again... ANYONE? Please? Help?!?! BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN OFFER!
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    There are some apps that will extract old SMS messages from your backups. Obviously you need to have been backing up your phone fairly regularly though
    You won't find them on the App Store so a bit of Googling should find a solution
    Try "iPhone SMS backup extract"
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    try restoring your iphone from backup on itunes, everytime you sync your iphone with itunes, it should be backed up automatically, choose the latest backup before you deleted those messages (you should be able to c the date and exact time of your backup when itunes ask you to choose).

    hope this helps.

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