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May 20, 2018

I was a student who had just entered college. I bought a laptop a few months ago and I don’t know how to cherish it, but I stumbled upon laptop so dirty that it was covered with oil stains and the keyboard was full of bread crumbs. I didn’t know how To clear it, do you have a good way to tell me? I am really afraid of breaking it.
I have read the method introduced in this article:, I think it is not very detailed, I need to know the specific approach.

Thanks in advance
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Jul 30, 2003
I would use a can-o-air to carefully blow out around the keys. Also, use a soft brush, like an artist's brush, to clear out as much leftover chunks that you can see. It just takes some time. If this is an older MacBook Pro, the key tops can be removed one at a time for a more thorough cleaning - but it can be tricky to get the keys back in place. (You should experiment with only one key cap. If you can't figure out how to pop it off, take it to a shop somewhere !! )

If the oil stains are just oil from fingers, you should wipe it down with a cloth dampened (not wet) with 90% or higher isopropyl Alcohol. Don't use so much liquid that your laptop gets wet, just enough to do the cleaning.
Finally, if the laptop is THAT dirty, then the vents for cooling might also need to be cleared out, and if there is a fan inside, it is usually not too difficult to take the bottom cover off, and clean the fan, too.

If your laptop is NOT a Macbook, but is a Windows laptop, then it might be worth taking to a local PC repair shop, as they might have a better idea for cleaning.
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Jul 19, 2020
?Hi, When I was a student the same things I faced. But at that time my mother always took charge of this ✌. But now I have to do this for mine as well as my husband's laptop :rolleyes:. First I used a hairdryer with a brush for removing dust. Then I used baby wipes for cleaning the screen, laptop body, and keyboard. Again use a hairdryer to dry a laptop.
Follow this link will also help you.
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