(HELP)How to move pictures/videos from iPhone to computer folder?

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Aug 18, 2011
So I am looking to move all the photos and videos on my phone to a computer folder to clear space on the phone. Is there a way to do this through iTunes. I don't use iCloud so nothing is backed up , I just want to move the files over to computer and then delete them from iPhone.

If anyone can provide a few steps or a helpful link to doing this, it would be greatly appreciated :D


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Jan 23, 2012
Are you guys using a third part app to transfer videos over the air to your Macs?
I use PhotoSync available from the App store which seems to work really well and with the Mac App you can wirelessly sync your photos direct into iPhoto completing the missing link for wireless sync'ing for me. :)


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Jul 6, 2011
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You can easily transfer photos/videos to or from your computer - it's actually the ONLY file accessible to the consumer unless you are jailbroken.

Plug in your iDevice to your computer with the USB, close iTunes if it launches, go into My Computer (on a PC), click on the iDevice as if it were a flash drive, open the visible folders until you get to DCIM - that's where your photos are stored. From there, you can add, delete and edit - including drag/drop to or from your computer.

Whatever you do in that folder is permanent - unless you are using Photostream, which will restore your photos and not allow you to delete. Until Photostream is edit-able, my recommendation is don't activate it.
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