HELP! How would i make a "3-D" image like this??

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by VideoNewbie, Apr 24, 2010.

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    i know that this is a video

    but i saw something online that was talking about how to make pictures like the one used in this video.

    any1 have any idea how i would do that?

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    Cool effect. This is done using multiple cameras arranged equidistant apart, and all synchronized to snap at the same instant. Looking at the video I would say they used at least a dozen cameras in a broad "sweep" in front of the model (and by that I mean they're not in a straight line, they're in sort of a wide semicircle arrangement, to get the 3D effect.) As long as each camera snaps at the exact same split-second, you'll end-up with a dozen (apx) different views of that split-second, each from a slightly different angle. The rest is simply a matter of editing them together smoothly. And obviously, the more cameras = a wider range of "motion". And to be extra clear, by "cameras" I'm not talking video cameras, I'm talking regular digital still cameras. Many models can be activated by remote control, so just get a whole bunch of identical cameras, set 'em up, and then click the remote control to fire them all at the exact same instant.
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    Here is a great site that does it for you:

    Lot's of fun, and does exactly what you need!

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