HELP. I am having trouble wrapping my mind around something simple...

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    ok all i want to do is to easily be able to transfer photos from my camera/macbook to my iphone device.

    I was told i cant just plug the iphone into my computer via a usb cable and drag n drop & that id have to use itunes to synch photo albums from my computer onto my iphone.

    i have trouble wrapping my mind around how this whole synching thing works...

    heres exactly what ive done

    ive transferred 100 photos from my camera to my macbook using a usb cable.

    i then created a folder titled "my vacation" & dragged the photos into the folder.

    i then plugged my iphone into my computer and synched the "my vacation" folder from my computer with my iphone using itunes.

    i delete the "my vacation" folder along with all of the photos inside of it off my computer to save space. the photos now only exist on my camera's SD card and on my iphone.

    This next part is what i am having trouble understanding how to do...

    1.) how do i delete an entire album of photos? do i just simply uncheck it when i do my next photo synch?
    2.) does the "my vacation" folder have to be present on my computer if i want to delete specific photos from the folder? is there any way around this? ive deleted the "my vacation" folder off my computer so the only place it exists is my sd card & my iphone. it would be such a pain if i had to re-export all the photos from my camera to my computer just so i could delete a few pics off my iphone...
    3.) how about if i want to add new photo albums to the iphone? will the fact that i no longer have the "my vacation" folder on my computer cause it to be deleted off my iphone if i try and synch other photo albums to my iphone???

    sigh seems like such a hassle to just do something so simple
    please help!
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    Feb 2, 2012
    My albums stayed on the phone when deleted from the computer. You need to uncheck the photo album in itunes if you want to delete it UNLESS the album is made ON THE iPHONE.

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