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Mar 21, 2013
I have a MacBook Pro with OS X Lion 10.7.5 I am not currently running any anti-virus protection and I just enabled the Firewall and other built-in security. i really bought into the "Macs don't get viruses or Trojans" bit. Well, now I know.

As I was searching through my Downloads for a photo, I can across hundreds of porn .jpgs and other files that looked like drafts of websites, random .jpgs of logos for ISO, Banks, etc.etc. It totally freaked me out and I started deleting them and trying to find the source. There were literally thousands and thousands of pics in the hidden folders (maybe 50,000?) they installed on my hard drive. I have a huge HD with lots of memory so I didn't notice any performance issues at all. It looks like they accessed my gmail via IMAP settings and created hidden folders, users and I am trying to get to the access points so this cannot happen again. I regularly change my gmail password and use icloud and gmail on my iPhone. I disabled the Mail access IMAP on my laptop since I think that is how they were getting in. I think I locked it down, but now am really paranoid there is a keyword logger or something. Also, I am pretty new to Mac, so I don't know some the basics like now to get to the root level to delete folders, etc. I looked at my Activity Monitor and not sure what is necessary for the operating system or what might be malware, trojan.

I'm really upset and I use my Mac for my job, so I really need to figure this out. I've contacted Apple support and they are pretty useless.
I went on a deleting spree, but this is some of the info I did save from the .jpgs in my Downloads. How can I be sure I got everything off and it won't happen again? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Mandy

My apple ID >

library >

mail >

V2 >

IMAP - (mygoogleusername here)
[Gmai]l.mbox >

Spam.mbox >

Trash.mbox >




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Jun 15, 2012
EDIT: Hang on. I've just re-read this. When you say there's a hidden folder with loads of files in it, are you talking about your user Library folder? That is an essential part of your computer. It's where all your Mail and settings are stored, as well as cache files, including browser files.
The file hierarchy you list at the end looks perfectly normal for your Mail.

If you're talking about that, then that is nothing to worry about, and not evidence of any malware.

Otherwise: if you are not convinced of the integrity of your computer, you need to reinstall the OS and change all your passwords.
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May 22, 2008
Milwaukee, WI
i really bought into the "Macs don't get viruses or Trojans" bit. Well, now I know.

Well, you bought too much. Macs do not get viruses for Mac, but they can get trojans, if common sense is suspended.

Funny, we now need common sense to protect us from trojans, whereas before, we used common sense and a Trojan for protection. ;)
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