Help. I just finished migration assistant and it gave me 2 users when I only need 1.

Discussion in 'macOS' started by i make movies, Dec 16, 2009.

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    I'll make this short. Got a new 27" imac a week ago. I turn it on and set it up and everything is fine. I needed to get about 90 gigs of data (movies, mp3s, and documents, no applications or settings) off my 5 year old iBook G4. Had to do it via wifi, which took 13 hours.

    When I started Migration assistant last night, it said I couldn't have 2 users with the same name, so I added my middle name to it.

    Now, I have two account when i need one. When logged in as admin, I can look at the folders of the new user account, but there's a red circle on them. OSX says I don't have permission to view the contents. When logged in as the new user, I can't do software update without logging in as admin. This is annoying. All I wanted was transfer files, not create a new user.

    I would love to get all the files from the new user account to my admin account. Sort of like mashing the two together. Any suggestions? Thanks guys.
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    Easiest remedy? Wipe your 27", reinstall Snow Leopard and then migrate again. Don't setup a new account after reinstalling. A semi-long process, but you'll it sounds like you created an account on the machine before migrating.

    Tip: Buy a Firewire or Ethernet cable for godsakes!
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    Well for one, go into the Administrator account.

    Then go to System Preferences>Accounts and click on the OTHER account and click the box that says "Allow user to administer this computer"

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