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    So I'm reading on here and I realize I am probably screwed, but I knew this is the best place to ask. Essentially my ex was a mean drunk and I took images and video while he was, so he could see himself when he was sober. I was pregnant at the time and desperate to get him to wake up...well, he found them on my computer and deleted them all this past Christmas.

    Our relationship went from bad to worse and I finally got my daughter and myself out safely and have a restraining order to protect us. But, I have been trying to retrieve these images and videos and am now trying to find someone in my area to see if they could. I realize it could cost me a fortune and am now wondering if they might be gone since its been so long anyway.

    I read up on a number of software options but have a feeling they might be useless since it has been so long, but does anyone know different? Any advice? I'm desperate.
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    you could try Data Rescue. It scans your hard drive for "thrown away files". Normally, when you delete stuff, it isn't actually removed from the hard drive. But in some kind of register it's marked as free. So next time something is written it might have been written there.

    So because it's a while ago, some new stuff may already have overwritten it. But it never hurts to try and scan for it. (It doesn't organize like your old folder structure, but you can organize it on file type (picture, movie).

    Good luck!

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