Help identifying possible phishing scam email.


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Apr 21, 2015
Hey, so my mom just forwarded me some messages that she got from Apple. Just from looking at them, they appear to be phishing/scam emails, but just wanted to double check with you guys. I've already told her not to open any links in the emails or enter any information into the pages the links go to.

Here is an album of the screenshots of both emails, along with the urls in the emails shown.


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May 16, 2015
It is pretty obvious that second one notifying 2FA is enabled is a legitimate Apple email, while the first one saying you need to login to your Apple ID to verify blahblah is phishing email.

Stefan johansson

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Apr 13, 2017
Apple never ever under any circumstances ask for passwords or confidential data of any kind in email.
All they might ask for,is official things like email address or similar. Any mail passwords for any account is most likely a spammer or a phishing attempt.


Feb 9, 2003
i agree the 2nd one is a normal one.
which is unfortunate that older folks need to deal with two factor authorization but thats a different matter.

but the 1st one is obviously fake:

the header says Reminder We have disabled your account
but the body meanders into a totally different direction:
saying, you can disregard this email.

best advice to moms / dads from sons/daughters:
do not click on any link in any email. period.
not from a "bank", not from the "social security administration", not from the "pharmacy".

also, turn off "Load Remote Content" in apple Mail and it will not send a read message back to the sender that the email itself has been opened. this will also prevent other remote exploits.
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