Help! Imac G5 Startup/shutdown issues


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Aug 13, 2004
It's been having trouble shutting down when it's gone unused. Then it won't turn on unless I turn the surge protector off and back on. (I thought it was tied to my backup drive being on, but now I just turn it on when I need it) Even then it doesn't start up automatically, I have to push it a few times.

Just now when I held down the start up button it made a loud whooshing sound, started up, maintained the sound for awhile and then normal but I still hear it running louder than usual. I dread it may not start up again one of these times.

What can I do! I am willing to try to fix it myself.

Side issue, maybe unrelated but firefox is driving me crazy with proxy issues, aol mail issues, and just now I couldn't post in this forum it was "forbidden" when I hit submit. so I used Safari instead and found my post was actually posted. FYI


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Aug 9, 2009
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