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  1. kntgsp macrumors 6502a

    Jul 27, 2004
    Hi, I ordered my iMac G5 20" a few weeks ago, so it hasn't shipped yet, neither have I been charged. The one thing that has been irking me for a while though is that you cannot get a 128 GPU in the iMac G5. I don't like paying the premium for a laptop that has a slower processor, but at least I could get it sooner (My imac is 2 weeks away still). I was thinking about getting a 17" PB with 128GPU instead.

    How soon is the next PB revision with the dual core G4 supposed to happen?

    I run Adobe CS (mostly photoshop and golive), Office 2004, and have a huge iphoto/itunes library.

    I need some urgent help, because the sooner I can cancel my order and order the pb instead, the better. Thanks alot for any help.

    post or email me at lindkarl@earthlink.net
  2. James Craner macrumors 68000

    James Craner

    Sep 13, 2002
    Bristol, UK
    Why is the additional GPU Memory so important ? I don't believe it makes that much difference. On pure machine speed the iMac will be a lot quicker than the Powerbook even with the reduced GPU memory, certainly for the applications that you specify. I would stick with the iMac, which has a larger screen than the Powerbook for photoshop work. Desktops will always be quicker than laptops (generally). Only get a laptop if the portability is useful / important to you.
  3. 40167 macrumors regular

    Sep 5, 2004
    Well from what you said your doing, its all steady graphics... so a 128gpu isnt going to do you much, but more speed on the computer will since youll be rendering things which uses the cpu.

    So for what your doing, id keep the imac... personaly I do about the same stuff, but id go with a 12inch pb since portability is an issue... but in your case it doesnt seem to be a case of portability, so get the imac
  4. yoda13 macrumors 65816


    Sep 26, 2003
    I don't have any insider info, but I am not expecting any dual-cores before next spring, as I believe Freescale has said that they won't sample before the second half of next year. Could be later than my prediction as I don't know if they were talking about calender year or fiscal year, nor do I know what their fiscal year is. PBs could be updated at just about anytime now, but people are split as to whether it will be happening in the next month in time for the holidays or if it will be in January. These next revisions will just likely be speed bumps, and not all that significant, at least IMHO. I love my new PB, but if portablility is not the most important thing for you, then I would wait for the iMac. If you properly equip the iMac with the right two sticks of memory, it will be very fast, so be sure and add more RAM, but I am sure you knew that, as many folks here have covered that.
  5. kntgsp thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Jul 27, 2004
    Yea the main thing for me was the price. I priced a 15" pb with the 128gpu and faster 80gb hard drive, and it came out to like $2450.00 with my student discount. My imac that is fully loaded however, only costs $2005.00 So I don't know if I want to pay the premium for that portability. I think I will stick with the iMac.

    So I know this probably belongs in a diff forum....but what is the best and cheapest 1gb pc3200 stick? I see a lot of posts on the best brand, but nothing really on performance vs. price. I ordered a 20iMac/250gb HD/Airport/bluetooth with only 256mb ram because it's cheaper to upgrade aftermarket. Any help or thread links would be great thanks.

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