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Discussion in 'iPad' started by ansirone, Mar 23, 2013.

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    My gf and I just returned from a trip to thailand, she was organizing her photos while during down time between flights. She created albums in the photos app, separating each location and it's a lot of different locations!

    We are back from our trip and now want to transfer all the albums created from the photos app to iphoto on the mac. We've tried to import it but it seems like it just transfers all the photos chronologically. Is this possible? Do we need to get iPhoto for the ipad as well?
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    You can't. Those albums are only for on your device. Transferring them is not part of iOS/iPhoto at this time.

    I've sent feedback on this as I see it little different than creating a music playlist which does sync over.

    There is a workaround. Provided you have iPhoto 11 on that Mac. Make sure photo stream is enabled on both computer and device. For each album create a shared photo on the iPad. When iPhoto in the computer views your photo stream it will see each share as a separate stack. Open the stack, select new album, it will say you need to import and then make an unnamed album with those photos. It doesn't appear to be a smart album so it won't likely update if you add more photos.

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