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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by MVallee, Sep 22, 2012.

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    So I don't mind Apple's Maps so far. They look nice, Siri turn by turn is great etc. Points of interest are really lacking though.

    A lot of places have the wrong address, are in the wrong place, have the wrong phone number or are simply not there. I understand that this is a new service and it will take some time before it can compete with Google, I am not complaining.

    How is the best way to help the maps get better? I read something about reporting problems and I have reported a handful of local businesses that are in the wrong place. Is that the best way to do it, or would it be more beneficial to update and add businesses to Yelp? For example, one restaurant (thats down the road from my house) shows on the maps as being way further away, but it also shows as being in the same wrong location on Yelp's website. But the on Apple maps the Walmart shows as being on the opposite end of town than it really is, but on Yelp, its in the right place.

    Just wondering what would be the best way to get the information corrected so it helps others.
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    You can report inaccuracies to Apple by clicking on the page curl and finding a small link called "Report a problem", it's absolutely tiny so you may have trouble finding it. Click it, drop a pin where your problem is, and fill in the form with details of the changes. This only works for locating business or POIs, no idea how you report road changes. I've come across a few road changes that differ from the Apple maps, but cant really report them.

    I'm sure the more people are aware of the problem reporter, the quicker things will change. Hope this helps.

    Want to add, im very dissappointed with the lack of detail and accuracy in the new Apple maps, and I think the Map colours are wrong too. They dont match what we're used to in the UK, blue for motorways, green for A roads and major roads and yellow for all others. It's a massive change. Plus the turn by turn navigation is poorly implemented as the road it's telling you to turn down is covered by the sign, so it makes it difficult to see exactly where to go.

    I love Apple, but not sure about this new move into Mapping. Might be one change too many.

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