help in restoring iphone 4

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  1. chester3123 macrumors newbie

    Jul 25, 2012

    I have a iphone4 4.3 which was locked with ATT. i tried to jailbreak it with snowbreez and was successful in doing so and thatn loaded it on my iphone via Itunes. After loading it my iphone was in recovery mode with Black screen. I had a folder on my Desktop called ibooty.. so i tried it and my iPhone got on. After some time when i checked my phone it was in recovery mode with black screen. I tried to fix it with Tinny umbrelly but it din work. even tried Redsnow.. no luck.. So i got pissed and Downloaded 4.3.1 firmware and tried restoring it with Itunes it gives me error. i guess 3194. tried to fix it with IREB dint work. uninstalled all antivirus and disabled firewall . Went in windows/drivers/etc/host and changed that setting too which dint work. sometimes that error doest come but 37 comes.. i dont know what to do.. even tried holding power and home button. nothing works. even tried restoring it with itunes from the internet with latest version doest help... Kindlyyy help me..
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    Jul 25, 2012
    Help In restoring I phone 4

    I am pretty sure that your phone has to be in " DFU Mode " to be restored through i tunes. I may be wrong here because I've never had to restore. anyone confirm this ? If you do get it figured out and get your phone restored, re jail break it with GREENP0ISON & Absinthe. I ve had this on mine for sometime now and it's VERY STABLE. if you do it make sure you un tether it with rocky racoon. Good Luck Bro !

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