HELP: Infinite loop appleid popup with facetime

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    Oct 15, 2011
    So I screwed up when I first tried to set up facetime on my new iphone 6. I opened the facetime app and got a black screen with white text on it asking for apple id and password.

    The text I typed in, however, was also apparently black because it was invisible. I wasn't sure if I had typed it in wrong, so I hit backspace as many times as I thought was necessary, and then submitted.

    Now, if I go to settings > facetime, underneath the switch to turn facetime on or off, there is a button the width of the screen with the title "Use your Apple ID for FaceTime".

    If I click that, a screen swipes up SUPER briefly with my correct apple ID and a place to enter a password, but it appears literally for less than a second. It disappears and is immediately replaced with a popup box:


    Apparently when I was typing in black-on-black invisibly, I garbled my apple ID.

    And FaceTime now has that garbled ID permanently stored. Obviously whatever password I type in will fail, since that is not a real Apple ID. And in fact it would be impossible to create one matching that email address since it has two "@" signs in it and is not a valid address.

    The same dialog pops up if I attempt to click "Add An Email..."

    Turns out I can make and receive facetimes anyway, but if I want to enable anybody to facetime me (e.g. from overseas) via my iCloud email for instance, I can't. People can only facetime me at my phone #.

    Apple tech support seem stumped by this -- they are thinking the only solution may be to wipe the phone and set it up as new, which I'd rather not do.

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    .. oh I should also mention

    Apple tech support also had me:

    • Reset network settings
    • disable messaging and facetime
    • log out of itunes & app store
    • turn off find my iphone
    • log out of icloud
    • do a hard reboot
    • re-log-in to messaging and icloud

    They had hoped that this would force facetime to recognize my "real" apple ID, but it hasn't.
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    Did you try 'Reset All Settings'?

    Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings

    This is different than Erase All Content and Settings and Reset Network Settings.

    It will reset all of your IDs and passwords, stored WiFi passwords and any manually configured network configurations.

    Essentially it's resetting to stock without erasing any of your data.

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