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Discussion in 'iPad' started by eagleglen, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Im trying to install the GM of iOS 4.2 and so far I've downloaded the ipsw file, but I can't get it installed on my iPad. I read for an iPhone (which should be the same way) to find the device in iTunes, press the alt/option key, click and select restore.

    Well that didn't work for me. Nothing happens when I press the alt/option key (I'm on a mac). But when I press the ctrl key, i get a restore from backup option that uses the most recent backup. I wasn't given a chance to select the ipsw file I downloaded. Can any one offer any advice. Thanks a lot.

    NEVERMIND... you hold down the opt key while pressing the UPDATE button.
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    May 13, 2010
    U better have iTunes 10.1 beta or have god mercy on your iPad.
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    Download the ipsw with firefox, in the past I've had issues when downloading from safari, where it turns the ipsw file into a zip file. Once you have the ipsw with the Lego icon download the new 10.1 iTunes beta, and click the "update" button while holding the alt key. Choose the ipsw file from wherever you saved it and watch the magic take place.

    Note: I've heard of non devs having trouble syncing their media because they ht restore instead of update.

    Good luck, and enjoy :D

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