Help installing OS X on Wallstreet?!?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by pinto32, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Oct 19, 2003
    Hey all,
    I have a Wallstreet (Powerbook G3). I am trying to do a clean intall of Jaguar (OS 10.2) on it, but am having some trouble. I put the CD #1 in, and the normal OS X boot screen (grey apple and little rotating circle thingy) comes up for about a minute or two, then, the screen flashes and the backlight goes off. I looked at what it said, and there was a OS X window that said "preparing installation" and had a load bar pulsating underneath it. Then, that box disappears and I get white on black text that says "Installation has quit becuase of an unexpected error (error code 9). Please restart your computer."

    Any ideas would be much appreciated...this is supposed to be a birthday gift, yet here I am on my girlfriends birthday.....
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    Jul 17, 2002
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    How much RAM do you have? I saw similar results trying to install on a beige G3 with too little RAM.

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    Aug 2, 2004
    Well, there are a few things to check/try...
    (1) Are the CDs from a retail version of Mac OS X v10.2 or did they come with some other hardware?
    (2) Have you tried the installation with the battery removed from the battery bay?
    (3) Is the processor the original one that came with the system?
    (4) Is the optical drive the original one that came with the system?​
    My Wallstreet has been heavily upgraded, but when I needed to reinstall 10.2 on a new hard drive, I had to remove the G4/500 processor and put the old one back in and use the original CD-ROM drive rather than the CDRW drive I normally have in this system.

    And I'm sure you already know, but no thread on Wallstreet installations would be complete without bringing up the 8 GB volume limit for Mac OS X.

    I currently have 8 GB and 32 GB partitions on my internal 40 GB drive and an additional 20 GB drive in the battery expansion bay (my battery died a couple years ago). I have things that take up a lot of space set up on my 32 GB partition (like Photoshop scratch disk and my iTunes music library).
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    Oct 19, 2003
    They are retail Jaguar disks
    I have the original 64MB stick and an additional 256MB stick of RAM
    I am unsure if the processor is the original, however, when I was putting in the extra RAM, it appeared to be apple installed
    The CD drive is a standard Apple-made Powerbook G3 20x CD-ROM
    The hard drive is 4GB in size
    I have tried installing with and without the battery, with the same results
    I checked the Apple website, and it said that my model (233Mhz PB G3 series) does not require a firmware update to install 10.2 (granted, who knows what the previous owner did with it...)

    Thanks for the help so far. I'm still stumped though, so any more help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    is a state of mind.

    No time to look up the details right now, but have you looked at xpostfacto? I can recall if 10.2 is an Apple-allowable install on a Wallstreet.
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    Aug 2, 2004
    Well, I suggest pulling the 256 MB DIMM and try the install with just the original 64 MB. Mac OS X will complain about the memory, but it should let you finish the installation (if the 256 MB DIMM was the problem).

    Wallstreets are very picky about what RAM they'll work with.

    If it is/was running some version of Mac OS 8 or 9, was all the memory being recognized? One of the signs of incompatible memory is that only half will be accessible (so the 256 MB DIMM will read as 128 MB).

    Wallstreets were supported up to 10.2.8. Lombards were supported up to 10.3.9. Pismos are still supported in 10.4.x.

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