HELP installing VRAY(plug in for maya 2011)

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    VRAY actually comes in a .exe file(yes odd).dmg, I know how to do.

    Here are the instructions, and I am lost!!!! yes its a lot of read, but please help, pleaseeeeeeee

    Installing the license server on Mac OS X
    Once the dongle drivers are installed, you can plug the dongle into the machine and proceed
    with the installation of the license server:
    6.Make sure the dongle is plugged into the machine;
    7.Extract the license server installation file to a suitable directory, for example
    8.Open a Terminal window and navigate to that folder using the cd command;
    9.Run the installation .exe file in that folder using the sudo command;
    10.Follow the instructions of the installer. You will be asked for a folder where to install the
    license server files and whether you want to register the license server as a service, so that it
    runs automatically when you log on to the machine. Press Enter to accept the suggested
    defaults, or type in different ones. It is recommended to answer yes when asked to register
    the license server, otherwise you will have to start the license server manually each time you
    want to use V-Ray for Maya or V-Ray Standalone.
    For example:
    $ cd vray_license_server
    $ sudo ./vrlservice_adv_21001_darwin_x86.exe
    License server destination directory: [/Applications/ChaosGroup/VRLService/darwin_x86]:
    Register the V-Ray license service ([no] or yes): yes

    Installing V-Ray for Maya on Mac OS X
    This section describes the installation of V-Ray for Maya on Mac OS X.
    Plugin installation
    have installed the license server on a machine in your network, you are ready to install V-Ray
    for Maya:
    1.Unpack the contents of the installation archive to a temporary folder (called
    vray_install_dir below);
    2.Open a Terminal console window and navigate to that folder;
    3.Run the installation .exe file in the directory for the respective OS and Maya version using
    the sudo command:
    Operating system Maya version Installer name
    Mac OS X Maya 2008 vray_adv_150SP1_maya2008_darwin_x86.exe
    Mac OS X Maya 2009 vray_adv_150SP1_maya2009_darwin_x86.exe
    Mac OS X Maya 2010 vray_adv_150SP1_maya2010_darwin_x86.exe
    Mac OS X Maya 2011 vray_adv_150SP1_maya2011_leopard_x64.exe
    4.Follow the instructions of the installer; if you had a previous version of V-Ray for Maya, the
    installer will try to automatically remove it first.
    For example:
    $ cd vray_install_dir
    $ sudo ./vray_adv_150SP1_maya2011_leopard_x64.exe
    Maya root folder: [/Applications/Autodesk/maya2011/]:
    V-Ray plugins destination folder:
    V-Ray additional files: [/Applications/ChaosGroup/V-Ray/Standalone_for_leopard_x64]:
    The folder names in the square brackets [] show the default values for the folders where VRay
    for Maya will be installed. Press Enter to keep the default value, or enter other folder
    paths. The specified folders will be created if they do not exist.

    Specifying the location of the license server
    If you are running the V-Ray license server on a different machine, you need to tell V-Ray for
    Maya where to look for it. To do this, run the setvrlservice.exe program from the
    /Applications/Autodesk/mayaNNNN/ directory, e.g:
    -server=[server name or IP]
    where [servername or IP] is the IP address or name of the machine where the V-Ray license
    server is running, without the enclosing '[' and ']' characters (note that the entire command is
    just one line).
    This setting is per user; if there are many users running V-Ray for Maya on the machine, you
    will need to set the license server location for each of them.
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    would it not be better asking on chaos group forums, they are the people who make vray after all :rolleyes:
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    Judging by the OP's post history (asking where to find plugins and torrents etc.) I doubt that's an avenue available to him.

    Gokuu: Buy the software, then ask the developers for help.

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