Help! Installing Win7 without Opticaldrive on MBP1,1

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    Dec 29, 2013
    Hi all, first let me say that some cash or bitcoins could very well be heading in the direction of the awesome person who helps me solve this ... and thank you in advance very much for your assistance this problem has been driving me completely f-----g nuts!!!!! have googled until my eyes bleed at 3 in the morning and not found a single piece of relevant information..:mad:

    I have a 2006 MacbookPro1,1 with the core duo 2ghz, 2gb ram, and x1600 ati gfx. I believe it is a 15". Don't know if it's 'glossy' . I am trying to install a copy of windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. This machine when i first got it already had boot camp set up with windows 7 (unsure what version) but the network/wireless, audio drivers were all stuffed up and nothing I tried could fix it. So I deleted the partition etc, (although it still seems to try boot into windows partition despite it not being there, have to hold down ALT at every startup and select my mac partition which is strange because there is no other partition. ) and left it for about a month.

    Now I want to reinstall win7 ultimate and here is first problem: the optical drive is f---kd so installing using a disk is completely out of the question( i also didn't get the original install disks or anything when I bought the computer secondhand from a friend). I've made bootable USB sticks for windows computers to do this many many times through command prompt and had no issues. Obviously I can't do that as you need to use the windows USB loader tool (which won't run on mac hurr durr).

    I've read a few places that you have to use boot camp 4 to install win7 but OBVIOUSLY (completely ridiculous i dont understand why) you can't use B.C.4 on 10.6.8 and/or my laptop. So I'm at a loss as to how I get around that . Nonetheless I found this thread which tells me there is an option for creating a bootable USB stick (which there isn't ) and clearly I can't get a disk and put it in the disk drive (which it tells me I must do) just to clarify I am using boot camp 3.0.1 . .. ..

    So I have an ISO of the copy of WIN7 i want to install. As far as I know it's a bootable ISO, and it's copied to my USBstick. I have tried mounting the iso but boot camp doesn't see it and still prompts for a cd(didnt think it would work but tried anyway)

    Please, somebody, tell me how to get around this... How to use boot camp 4 on my system to create a bootable USB thumbdrive or something that would actually help me do what im trying to do.. its clearly not impossible as this machine has run it before!!!


    many hugs and love


    edit: in case its relavent i have already used boot camp 3.0.1 to create a partition for the windows install (500 gb hdd split between mac and win) dont know if id have to delete that and create a new one to do this install procedure... but yeah let me know please and thankyou <3 <3
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    A couple of points:-

    1) Macs that have a built in optical drive are unable to boot operating systems (including installers) which use the BIOS emulation from any externally attached drive (USB, Firewire etc...).

    2) Due to (1) you cannot easily install Windows 7, there are however workarounds. The most used as far as I'm aware is to use Virtual Box. Take a look at the instructions here:

    3) If you don't have the original install disks, or a retail Snow Leopard disk then if possible make a clone of your hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. Otherwise if anything goes wrong you will be left with no operating systems at all.

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