Help installing Windows 8.1 on mid 2012 MBP?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by ubermatik, Nov 16, 2014.

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    Nov 16, 2014
    Hi guys, first post on MacRumors here and I need some help...

    I recently tried installing Windows 8.1 using Bootcamp assistant on my Mid 2012 MBP, but ran into a few problems. Despite saying Windows 8 could not be installed on my machine (for some reason), Bootcamp Assistant still made the necessary changes in portioning my HD, creating a bootable iso on my memory stick and running the installer on restart, but when I came to try to install Windows on my hard drive, it came up with a fair few problems that have stopped me in my tracks.

    Firstly Windows claimed it could not install the OS on the pre made partition because it wasn't formatted correctly, despite Bootcamp doing this for me. So I tried formatting the partition myself, with literally every reasonable option, in an attempt to fix it - Fat32, Free Space, etc. Nothing works. Turns out there's an issue with the format of my HD, claiming Windows can only be installed on a GPT table Hard drive. Am I stuck? Or id there a way to switch from MBR to GPT in order to get Windows 8.1 running? Or should I have listened to the Bootcamp Assistant when it said it's not possible?

    I've searched online and there's a few thing floating around but no solid answer. Apparently someone has created a Terminal program to convert the drive, but it's risky so I hear. I'm just holding out hoping there's a way to get my copy of 8.1 running on my MBP, or am I stuck with 7 forever?

    Thanks in advance for your help, really hoping I can get this sorted.
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    BootCamp can create the Windows partition, but it can't format it NTFS, the best it can do is FAT. So, when you reach that message during the Windows install, look at the bottom of the screen for disk options which will format the partition NTFS. Be sure to pick the correct partition to format or you may be starting from scratch installing OS X as well. Once that is done, the install should continue for you.

    Good luck...

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