HELP! iPhone 5 bad ESN IMEI. T mobile


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Apr 16, 2013
I recently bought a phone from eBay. It was a tmobile iPhone 5. I went to activate it. Boom. Bad IMEI. My fault I should of read the fine print.

I was going to get it jailbroken / flashed . But the guy I brought it to told me it was originally from Sweden or Switzerland (I forget) and he couldn't do it and offered me $200 for the phone. Anyone hear such a thing? Still the same model # as any other iPhone 5. Any thoughts would be great.


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Oct 21, 2009
Tampa Area, FL
I don't know anything specifically about the country of origin/it not working, but I know $200 is way too low for an iPhone 5, regardless if it'll work or not. You could get more selling it on eBay as a parts phone if it didn't even work. Since it's working I would imagine you could get considerably more. If it were me I'd take it to someone else who might be able to flash it for you. Maybe this guy took you for a sucker. He'll give you $200 for your phone that "doesn't work" and turn around and flash it and sell it for $500+.

I just checked eBay and non-working parts phones are going for $200+ and there's quite a few listings of phones with bad ESNs/IMEIs going for over $400.