Help! iPhone 5 in recovery mode - possible carry out recovery from second computer?

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  1. pullman, Dec 21, 2012
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    My brother bought an iPhone 5 a few days ago and it was activated in the shop. He hasn't however connected it to his computer yet because it is being serviced, expected back in January.

    Yesterday the phone asked him to update to iOS 6.0.2 and he pressed OK. I have no idea how it could have done this without being connected to iTunes but he says it did. This caused the phone to go into recovery mode - it became locked and only displays a picture of the USB cable and the iTunes icon.

    Then my brother plugged the phone into his work laptop which made the phone ask if he wanted to recover by wiping the data and restore to factory settings.

    I posted over at Apple Discussions and was told the only thing to do is to do the wipe. However I need to know if my brother can do this when the phone is connected to the office computer? I have understood that it can be difficult to "move" the phone to his personal computer when that is back from service. I didn't get a reply to this question at Discussions so post here in the hope that someone could help rather quickly.

    Many thanks in advance
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    It's possible with Update over the air (WiFi only).

    Maybe something went wrong and it went into the DFU mode. You have to recover it and use the backup to restore the data.

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