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    Mar 15, 2014
    I recently dropped my iPhone 5 causing the frame to dent and the screen to crack. I had the screen replaced by a local mobile phone shop. Upon receiving the phone i realised that the glass did not fully fit. The guy explained to me that because of the dent in the frame the glass could not be placed within the frame completely so had to be left a bit out. Ive had it for a few days now and the light you can see coming out of the side of the phone behind the screen is very annoying. Can anyone give me any suggestions or help? Thanks
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    Remove the screen (guide and tools can be found on ifixit) then using something plastic and a bit of bruit force push the dent out. It's aluminium and not that hard to do.
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    Mar 15, 2014
    Thanks i will try this. Ive never done any work on an iphone myself despite having had every model so im a bit apprehensive. Is it simple work?
  4. Charadis, Mar 16, 2014
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    Do you have a "pentalobe" screw driver to remove the two screws securing the display assembly at the bottom? If not, I highly recommend obtaining one before you attempt this job. After you remove the screws, just be careful when removing the display; you'll want to lift carefully from the bottom end upwards because the display flex cables (one for digitizer, other for LCD) are at the top connected to the mobo. You'll need a number 0 Philips driver to remove the two cables because they are secured by a bracket enclosure. See my pic.

    Look up some teardown instructions on iFixit's site. The job is fairly easy, in my opinion, but you just have to be careful and patient. Sent from my iPhone 5.

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