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    I am desperate for an iPhone. But I need unlimited texts, and realistically I can't go over £25 a month on a contract. At the moment this is pretty much impossible. But I noticed the deal below where you can get both unlimited internet and texts for £15 a month. My question is that will I be able to use that sim card in my iPhone without issue if I were to buy a Pay & Go iPhone and swap the sim cards around. I'm aware that it's unlikely I'll get visual voicemail and certain other features but that doesn't worry me.


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    O2 Pay and Go

    I also think you can change your pay and go tariff once a month anyway.

    I am on O2 pay and go with an old 2G iPhone and I log into my O2 account online and can select whichever tariff suits me. It will let me do that every month if I wanted to, although I'm not sure why you would! The sim card I'm using is just an ordinary O2 sim from when they were giving away 4 free sims to anyone who asked for them!!

    I can't remember what the tariff is called but basically, I top up with £10 a month and get 300 text messages and then that £10 is used for the Web & Wifi Bolt-on giving me unlimited data and use of various public hotspots. As I use my phone for data more than anything else, it works out fine for me.

    I hope that helps answer your question.

    Have fun


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