HELP...jailbroken itouch won't reset fully

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by nvjusme, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. nvjusme macrumors member


    Sep 8, 2008
    San Leandro
    I jailbroken my itouch about 4 months ago and had cydia and NES games on it and all that fun stuff but now I want to sell my Itouch and I went to go restore via the general tab and reset all setting and erase all contents and it started the normal 2 hour process but then I guess the battery must have died and now when I turn it on all I get is a pineapple logo and a circle in the middle of that like it's processing something but nothing is happening......can anyone help!!!!??????

    All I want to do is reset my itouch.
  2. wywern209 macrumors 65832


    Sep 7, 2008
    do you rly want to know?
    well, you can put it in DFU recovery mode. by holding down the home and on/off button at the top for 10 secs and then let go of the on/off button but keep on holding the home button. be sure to do this when hooked up to the computer after, itunes will recognize and put the touch into DFU mode. which will wipe everything and put on a fresh piece of firmware.

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