Resolved Help! Just bought a 68040@33 but everything is shows Math: Software

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Hugh, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Hi I found I had a Quadra 630, however it had a 68LC040@33 in it. So I ordered a 68040@33, got it to day stuck it in. Everything is telling me it's a 68040 @ 33 but when it comes to math it says "software".

    My Performa 475 I did this to (although that is a 68040 @ 25) everything says "Hardware 68040". Was I had or is there something I should know about this motherboard?

    No I don't have SOFT FPU installed.

    Thanks! :)

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    I'm unsure about this one, but I can tell you there were 5 motherboards for the LC/Performa/Quadra/DOS-Compatible 630.

    One of the boards was replaced by a later revision with a socketed 040 instead of a Surface Mount soldered type.

    The Quadra 630 logic board is on it's own - so there may be a change in the ROMs which are on the solder side of the logic board, or there are some passive component differences which act like a 'switch', defining different boards.

    The Apple hardware techpub doesn't denote what the difference is, and I can't find reliable information on the 820-xxxx-x screen print number. Also, they all identify the same "Gestalt" of 98.

    The only thing I can think of is if it's running 7.1.2 you should ensure you have the "System Enabler 405" in the "System Folder" - Some motherboards require System 7.5.1 minimum.

    For reference, here is the data I can provide (661-xxxx numbers are old service part numbers)

    661-0158 (non-DOS) 1 SIMM Slot 68LC040 4MB Soldered + 32MB
    661-0189 (Q630) 1 SIMM Slot 68040 4MB Soldered + 32MB
    661-0234 replaced by 661-1114 (may have soldered CPU)
    661-1114 (DOS) 2 SIMM Slot 68LC040 4MB Soldered + 1x 32MB + 1x16MB
    661-1115 (DOS International) 2 SIMM Slot 68RC040 4MB Soldered + 1x 32MB + 1x16MB

    Gestalt 98 (all)

    Maybe System Profiler might give you the ROM ID and/or ROM Version:

    Quadra 630 ROM ID = $067C
    ROM Vers = $21

    LC 630 ROM ID = $077D
    ROM Vers = unknown

    LC 640 DOS/C ROM ID = $067C
    ROM Vers = $32

    Perf 630 DOS/C ROM ID = $067C
    ROM Vers = $32

    Perf 630(CD) ROM ID = $067C
    ROM Vers = $21
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    Erie, PA
    MacTech, I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I was too ticked off that fact that I was sold a china knock of 68040RC33 processor to put in my Quadra 630. Someone on eBay was selling a complete mother board with a 68040RC33 on it for less then I payed for that China knocked off.

    The old mother board had the correct rom on it for a Quadra 630 but someone must of replaced the processor with a 68LC040RC33 processor long time ago on it.

    Thanks for your help! :)


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