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Discussion in 'macOS' started by hathornb, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. hathornb macrumors member


    Mar 1, 2010
    So I just downloaded the software update and everything went fine. Restarted the computer as directed and upon boot up it said that it couldn't install the selected files (or something to that effect) and it froze. I left it for a while to see if it would allow me to log in but alas, it never did. So I powered the Mac down.

    Upon restarting after a few minutes I got a Kernel Panic and I cannot boot up. I cannot go into safe mode. I have called Genius Bar and have an appt. for tomorrow but is there anything that I can do now?
  2. GGJstudios macrumors Westmere


    May 16, 2008
    If you get a screen that looks like this:
    It's called a kernel panic. If it doesn't happen again, or very infrequently, don't worry about it.
    "You need to restart your computer" (kernel panic) message appears (Mac OS X v10.5, 10.6)
    Mac OS X 10.7 Help: If “You need to restart your computer” appears
    Mac OS X: How to log a kernel panic
    Understanding and Debugging Kernel Panics
    Resolving Kernel Panics
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    Mar 1, 2010
    So I got that very image, which I now know is Kernel Panic. I tried to go into Safe Mode as directed by the Apple Support pages but it will not. It won't boot and won't go into Safe mode either and that Kernel Panic screen reappears after each restart. I never even get to the spinning gears after the startup sound. I have held down Option and the Recovery Drive is available but I'm not familiar with what repairing disk permissions in the Recovery will do to my normal data.

    By the way, thanks for the help. Its much appreciated.
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    May 16, 2008
    You want to select "repair disk" not "repair permissions". Repairing permissions won't help.
  5. larryg1do macrumors newbie


    May 18, 2010
    Central Wisconsn
    How to fix it

    The thunderbolt update failed and computer would not restart - kernal failure - needed to reinstall lion from lion boot partition and then do updates but skipped the thunderbolt one - lots of postings on apples support boards.
  6. pvtjokr88 macrumors newbie

    May 29, 2012
    I had the same issue today, I just restored from the time machine backup and i think I'm gonna skip these updates for now.
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    Mar 1, 2010
    Thanks folks. Yeah I was getting frustrated yesterday b/c I verified & repaired the disk and the permissions and it got me nowhere quick. I think I'm going to be one of the slow updaters from now on! LOL
  8. seanoge macrumors newbie

    May 31, 2012
    Kernel panic

    Hathornm, Could you post what happens at the " Genius Bar", please as my nearest Genius Bar is 3 hours away. See my post:
    Apple Hardware > Desktops > iMac
    You need to restart your computere

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