HELP! Leopard virually unusable due to lockups after clean install

Discussion in 'macOS' started by vegas-steven, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. vegas-steven macrumors regular

    Nov 14, 2007
    I am going to REPOST this here, since no one answered it on this site under imac hardware, and no one answered it on apple's own support website:

    I am so frustrated:

    I use windows alot on my las gen imac.
    The machine is the middle of the road version with the ATI 1600x graphics and the faster CPU.

    I had a hell of a time installing leopard. I couldnt upgrade so i just backed up everything and did a clean install, then reinstalled ilife and everything else.

    Since i run windows alot (i use mac for graphics and video and my family uses windows for everything else since this is what they are used to) i didnt use leopard much.

    when i started to use leopard to do a website project in photoshop cs3 i noticed that:

    leopard locks up all the time. constantly... without fail.

    I cannot get a remedy to the problem. there are also video artifacts. Such as lines across the screen, and some funky looking jittery looking lines when i view complex photoshop docs etc.

    So i see that this is some sort of video issue? I have tried installing a "fix" from apple that dates to november, a week after leopard launched, but this package will not install - it tells me the software is not necessary.

    the computer has all current updates to today (Feb 8th) and i need to be able to get a stable OS... i am ready to return the computer to the store (it is under a non apple warranty at FRYS electronics) and get service call, they will give me a loaner but PUHLEASE.... why do i need to do this??

    This is OBVIOUSLY a driver issue, and needs a work around... and NO, i havent tried releasing the pram yet. I wanted to see what people said here before i screwed around with yet more stuff that could potentially screw up my system... at lease windows works as it is now. the last thing i need is to mess that up somehow.

    (very very dissapointed and very much pro apple)
  2. Amdahl macrumors 65816

    Jul 28, 2004
    Run Software Update to see if anything pops up, otherwise I would suggest you call Apple tech support or return the machine.
  3. elmo151 Guest

    Jul 3, 2007
    try macfixit lots of tutorials for this and related problems

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