Help, MacBook "hangs" frequently !


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Hi, i own
Macbook C2D 2.0 , 2GB RAM, 160 HDD
Running OSX 10.4.10 and running perfectly so far so good

However, few days ago i bought
Macbook C2D 2.16 , 1GB RAM, 120 HDD
for my sis, and upon recieving it i didn't clean install the OSX ijust continue to help her installed softwares and latest boot camp for Win XP
after few days it behaves strangely on the OSX partition .
-at first i noticed "crackling" sound coming from the Speakers, i thought it's only minor problem even though i never experienced it in my Macbook.
-then it likes to "hang" i don't know wheter the system hang or not cause the keyboard and touchpad didn't give any response but if i pressed the power button, the "shut down" option do comes up but i cant press it .

it becomes unbearable so i decided to do clean install of the system, everything from the OSX to Windows.

so last night i did the whole thing.
using the apple cd, i erase the whole partition and install osx from scracth and install the XP again and all the softwares, few hours past and then once again the macbook hangs, i called my frined and search the net and thought thet maybe the belkin router in my home caused it all cause people says that the new network card in the latest MacBook sometimes causes crash when connected to certain router, so i turn off the wirrelless and everything works well . but after few hours again, it did it again!!!!
this time a little bit worse cause normally when it happen, i just force restart and the keyboard and the touch pad will be ok, this time i even try to restart it for about 10 times, and all still wont work !!!

i did the apple hardware test and found there's no problems on the hardware.
but i already clean install the whole system so it can't be the software either.

and all the software i installed is also instaled in my MacBook and my macbook, never hangs on me.

can anybody please help ??

i'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable cause i'm the one who convince my sis to Switch to Mac :(

please help :O


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apple don't have service centre in my country,
the nearest one is SIngapore :(

anyway i tried to reseat the RAM and i found that the RAM connector have "something white " looks like the thermal paste on them, i cleaned them and install back and now it runs ok
but i don't know theter the "white stuff" is supposed to be there or not cause mine doesn't and also will the "white stuff" appear again in the future ?

can some one help please ?
thank you.