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Help! MacBook Pro Hinge Broke


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Apr 13, 2014
I dropped my 13 " Mac Book Pro and the Hinge broke on the left side. Now when I adjust the screen it makes a noise like it's going to crack off and if I try to shut it, it shuts at a weird angle. I'm still under my year warranty with apple, but I'm guessing they won't fix this for free because it was accidental.
Any suggestions on if I could fix it myself or how much it would cost to get fixed? Also I can't tell exactly what happened? It looks like the hinge broke and something holding it together cracked?



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Jan 9, 2014
Bolton, UK.
If there is no other damage showing you've dropped it, try taking it to Apple and tell them it broke under normal use.
They can only tell you to get lost.
I think the repair to it would be the same as a replacement screen due to the screen being bonded to the lid.



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Jul 30, 2003
The picture showing your lid almost closed, also shows a visible bend of that corner of the screen. That will likely be the point where the laptop was dropped, and the damage occurred from that corner. If it's that obvious, then anyone who has seen a variety of drop damage will know that it has been dropped before you say anything.
Best place to find out about the cost will be at a repair shop, or an Apple store, where you can get a good quote. Most any guess that you get here, will be just that - a guess.


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Jan 8, 2007
Sunny but Cold.. Canada
Bent Case/ Forcing Hinge apart..??

If, as mentioned above, in #3 pic the case appears bent (perhaps pic is misleading, but looks like it, a LOT!!) and the Bent Lid/Screen Case is likely forcing the hinge apart when you close it, THAT will be the issue with I am sure.. Seems the black (plastic hinge cover) piece is lifting/separating and NO idea if this can be 'snapped back into place' after rectifying the bent case or not.. :confused:

There are lots of people piecing out MBPs on ebay, maybe your most reasonable place to begin the journey after a stop at Apple/Repair Shop.. Good luck!! :apple:


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Sep 17, 2008
From my experience the repair from apple will be at least $1200. When my screen had a problem that is what was quoted, and he told me they just simply replace the entire top portion of the laptop to keep repairs easy and efficient.

Not sure if things have changed but just wanted to give you that tid-bit of information.


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Jul 20, 2012
there's no way they'll repair/replace it free of charge. the corner of the lid (actual aluminium) is bent so they'll know straight away that you dropped it. you can't bent it easily during use. if it had happened during normal use that wouldn't be there and any damage would be limited to the actual plastic hinge itself.

take it to apple and see what they say. you MIGHT get lucky. if not then at least you'll know what they want to charge you for sorting it out. then take the next step from there.

best of luck

Mr Rabbit

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May 13, 2013
Find an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) and get a quote from them. More than likely Apple, if you take it into the Genius Bar, would offer to just replace the display assembly but there's a chance they could insist on the $1200 depot repair that someone else mentioned. AASP's have that same option but they are typically much more open to just fixing what's wrong.

I've seen lots of dropped Macs with similar damage. I'd be surprised if anything other than than the display assembly needed to be replaced.

With that said, it's still an expensive repair but it'd surely be less than $1200.
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