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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Pklopfen, Sep 5, 2013.

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    So I was halfway into supeing up my brand new MacBook pro by installing an SSD in the main bay, 16GB Ram, and putting old drive into the OptiBay when I hit a major problem.

    I tried to unscrew these 2 screws and they are put in their tight as hell. I stripped both of them but was able to get the 1 circled in RED out. How can I get this out? and once done with that, how the hell do I get replacement screws?

    I was looking at but am not sure of the exact size of these two screws. Any and all help would be most appreciated.

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    Jun 30, 2011

    If you have a power drill (preferably a cordless drill-driver) available, you can use a 2mm drill bit to drill the head off. Just be careful about when to stop.

    Believe it or not, I had the same issue with the same screw when I was installing my optibay. I didn't have a drill at that time, so I used a knife. I cut off the corner of the wifi card bracket.

    Nevertheless, as for replacement screws, iFixit sells a complete set. It might be worth a buy. However, it's not cheap. If you don't want to shell out the money for a single screw, either lodge a thin metal rod in there or tape it up. It won't move much.


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