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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by macbook12346, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Mar 11, 2009
    Hi, i was wondering if i got a Certified Apple Centre to upgrade my Macbook with a Superdrive, will that void my warranty? Because i have a macbook with about 1, 1/2 years of apple care left on it and it has gone wrong plenty of times and i don't trust that it wont go wrong again. Also do you have any idea of how much it will cost (GBP)?


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    As long as it's done by a Certified Apple Tech it won't void the warranty.
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    It's not gonna be cheap, that's for sure. At this point, it's just a matter of weighing out your pros & cons. Do it yourself and lose AppleCare. Or pay several times what you should be charged for the sake of keeping Applecare.

    Personally, i'd try to live with the combo til the applecare's expired. After that, it's yours to do whatever you want!
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    It would be cheaper to purchase an external DVD burner from someplace (lacie is fairly cheap and have firewire ones for Mac booting) unless you need DVD burning while on the move. Last I checked they could be had for ~$120 (depending on FW/USB or both interfaces from Lacie) while the internal Apple one would be ~$150 for labor and ~$200 for the drive itself (if purchased from Apple, either way they wouldn't install a third party one for you anyway).

    Although, I don't think the Apple Store would even do it if it's under warranty. Even if you go to a certified Apple service center for this replacement and then later on take it to an Apple Store for some support, if they notice the drive isn't the same as the original it came with (or otherwise not an "Apple" drive) then they most likely won't work on it even if it's a totally unrelated repair.

    I say this because I know it works as such for hard drive upgrades under warranty. Even though it can be done by yourself (only on some models), they can claim that whatver third party hardware you put in caused whatever problem you have two years down the road by way of static discharge or some other BS. As for the RAM, sometimes they won't fix it, or will just take it out claiming that is the cause for a problem even if it isn't. That's why they technically have a policy that you must have at least one "Apple" branded stick in your machine (at least that was the policy) to be even accepted for a warranty repair.

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