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    Mar 18, 2012
    Hey guys,

    This is driving me nuts. I never really needed a mouse under Windows but now I'll start working a lot more under Windows so I need it. There are some problems so here it goes.

    First of all, the only way I can connect the Magic Mouse to the Macbook under Boot Camp is if I use a Bluetooth dongle. Plus, I can only get it to recognize and install the mouse if I first uninstall the trackpad drivers under Device Manager like the guy said on this video:

    That way, I got it to work (and the trackpad starts working again as well) but there are two problems:

    1. I should be able to use the Magic Mouse without a Bluetooth dongle, right? If so, what can I do to get it to work?

    2. Using this method, when I reboot, the Magic Mouse is not recognized anymore unless I repeat the steps.

    So, how can I get this to work properly?

    Thank you

    PS: Forgot to mention that I own a 2012 15" rMBP
    PS2: Windows 8
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Solved it.

    After going through numerous Apple Communities' threads, I found one where a guy said that the one of the drivers Motioninjoy installs, messes up the default Bluetooth driver. I just had to uninstall that driver using Device Manager, reboot and there was Bluetooth again!

    Also, I am still able to use my Dual Shock 3 emulated as a 360 controller using Motioninjoy... I just had to make sure I did not install the drivers for Bluetooth connectivity.

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