Help! Mail Repeatedly Corrupted

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by splitpea, Dec 19, 2011.

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    I've got problems with my mail index (in repeatedly becoming corrupted every few months, and messages disappearing. When this happens, I use the EnvelopeIndex removal trick to rebuild it and reclaim my mail, but it's starting to grate.

    I keep my inbox to a couple dozen messages and I refactor other mailboxes to keep them to reasonable sizes (a few thousand tops; most under 1000) with the exception of Trash and Junk (which is not where messages are disappearing from anyway).

    I have a total of around 110,000 messages in my mail (and growing, of course). Is this just plain too many for to handle? Am I doomed to using Thunderbird or Eudora or *shudder* Outlook/Entourage or something?

    Any suggestions?
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    Nov 17, 2011
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    Hi there

    I had similar issues with, it not finding older messages using the search function. This seemed to be cured by moving the envelope index file like you say and recreating the envelope index when restarting mail. It doesn't seem to be fix it immediately in all cases (once mail file is rebuilt) but I have to wait a few hours and restart mail a few times and only then is it fixed. It seems I have to do this every month to keep the search function working properly(ish).

    I also noticed messages disappearing, but this is mainly when using the 'inbox' (i.e. universal inbox). When I click on the mailbox (inbox) for a specific mail account, nested below the 'inbox', the relevant messages can be seen. This is very annoying and renders the universal inbox rather redundant. This doesn't seem to be completely fixed by moving the envelope index etc.

    I am thinking of going over to Postbox or Eudora but wonder if this is really just a Mail problem and not an OS problem? I am running Lion and installed it over Snow Leopard which was installed over Leopard. I fixed the Preview crashing problem by fiddling with the Permissions. Don't think it is related to that though.

    Any input would be appreciated too! Cheers

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