HELP! MASSIVE LAG after Update.


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Oct 18, 2014
Dear all,

I have experienced a massive lag / non-responsive ui after updated to Yosemite. :(:(:(

I'm using a Late 2013, Macbook Pro Retina 15" , Intel i7 2Ghz, Iris Pro, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3.

Here are the list of obvious lags:
  1. System preferences - When open, will need to wait at least 5-10seconds
  2. Safari, all website loads very slow .. and non responsive. Most of the time it shows a white screen, and wait for almost 10seconds to load
  3. Anything on the menu/title bar, the spinning wheel will appear
  4. Everything much slower than before

I have tried

1. Reduce transparency
2. PRAM Reset
3. Reinstall Yosemite
4. Repair Disk

But all fails and the problems still persist.

Any great guru can help here? Thank you!


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Sep 9, 2009
May be obvious - have you checked Activity Monitor for rogue processes? Spotlight may be indexing everything and causing your issues. Did you enable Filevault? That could be another culprit - Chrome especially was super laggy until Filevault encryption was complete.


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Sep 13, 2014
Philadelphia, PA USA
After my first full day on 10.10, YES. Worked a lot with Adobe today (Photoshop/Illustrator) and that is painfully dragging. I've boosted the RAM/Scratch Disc settings and no change.

Trying to bring up the menu for saving images (Control+Click) - that menu pop up is lagging, or it won't come up at all. Dragging an image from an external HD to desktop to edit, sluggish. Opening images in preview I get the dreaded spinning rainbow wheel for a few seconds...then the image appears in Preview. Just feels like the entire computer is struggling.

It is a 2011 Quad Core 3.4GHz, I installed more RAM about 2 years ago (12GB total), No idea, maybe a clean install can help.

Another oddity is my volume setting, it's just louder than before. Before I had the Volume bar at 4,5. Wasn't blasting music and other sounds.

Right now I am literally at 1 volume bar and it's fine. Not a huge is running on speakers with it's own volume control - I never changed it, like I said, just odd.

On the Bright side, I actually gained space back on my HDD after installing 10.10. Roughly 900MB! Suppose Yosemite dumped a lot of old large sized unneeded Mavericks files(?)

**** PaintTheSkyGrey - I will check the Activity Monitor. Spotlight was indexing like crazy yesterday. I WAS on Chome and noticed a massive RAM drain using it, I'm on Safari now.