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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DJAKO, Jan 31, 2016.

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    Here's the basics. I have around $1,300 for a triple monitor setup. I have two retina MBP (mid 2012, early 2013 ) that I will be using to power these. Since neither of them can do 4K at the moment it's not a high priority of mine. The max resolution my laptops can output is 2560x1600. My ideal screen size is 24''-27''.

    I do work full time as a computer programmer, but these would be for my home office. Mainly doing programming, netflix, web browsing, etc. I do also like the idea of being able to use them in portrait when I want to. I haven't ever done this, but the option intrigues me. I have a couple monitors in mind, but I'm really open to anything. Please help me :)

    PS - Would love to hear your triple monitor mount suggestions too.
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    Firstly, just to be clear; a multiple monitor setup is generally considered to be a set of monitors, connected to one computer. You may have perfectly good reasons to use multiple computers side by side, but you simply can't have a multiple monitor setup with more than one computer. Well, you can but then you have multiple computer (monitor) setups.

    For programming and a lot of other work type of usage, it's often not a disadvantage to have your desktop spread over multiple monitors. Also, two extra smaller monitors are often cheaper than one large monitor.

    However, since you also mention Netflix, you might want to consider one huge extra monitor instead of two smaller ones.

    I've used a two of 20.5 inch CRT's for years, then switched to one Dell 2560x1600 30 inch flatscreen because it had more pixels in one large screen. The image was easier on the eyes and it had - of course - no bars dividing the desktop. It was about $ 1500 at that time.

    Last year I bought the 40 inch Philips UHD monitor. It's slightly less than the Dell because it has no IPS panel but it is huge. It needs to get used to a bit. You loose the mouse cursor :p It's not even that much higher in terms of Pixels Per Inch / DPI, only 111 instead of 100 (Dell). This is a good thing because now one can sit at the same distance. If it were a retina-ish resolution, you'd have to be closer.. You don't want that because then:
    1. The angle under which you are looking at the corners would become so sharp that it causes too much difference in brightness. (this is why computer monitors of 40 inch and larger should be curved IMHO, specially high resolution ones).
    2. You would physically have to move your head much more, just to look from left to right.
    The problem with a three monitor setup on a laptop is that (assuming one monitor is the one that's integrated in your laptop) the other two will always be very different of brightness and / or contrast and it's not very practical to use extra monitors that small so they will also be larger.

    If you really want to stay in the 24' - 27' zone with two extra screens, you might be better off with the Philips 40 inch. It has a 'side by side' option that allows you to put two inputs next to each other. Of course there will be large black bars on top and below but who cares? Another advantage is that you'll have a huge monitor that you can still use with your next computer(s), for an unbeatable price.

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