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    this is lame i know... but i cant choose between laptops! im upgrading from a 2009 2.26 mbp. i am happy with the form factor, and its not like i ever take it around with me all that often, but im tempted by the air. Especially so since its now so powerful. Although any of the following machines are going to leave mine in the dust. The only demands i place on it are in using Logic Pro. I have the occasional CPU overload, but generally works fine.

    here are my options

    MBP (i'd add ssd to either of these, so have reflected this in the price.

    2011 2.3 £750.
    not an apple refurb, but a 'refurb' nonetheless. has the distinct advantage that i could run my current OS on it (10.6.8), thereby maintaining my setup.

    2012 2.5 US refurb £810
    obviously, down the line this is a better option with usb3 and ivybridge.

    MBA (US Refurbs)
    Form factor is so nice, but i think im being a bit silly thinking about that as a major plus. The lower weight is positive, certainly. They benchmark pretty close to their contemporary Pro equivalents, but maybe thats partly down to the ssd configuration being very efficient.

    feb 2011 256 4gb 1.8 i7 £690

    2012 256 4gb 1.8 i5 £820

    My friend (an american residing in london) has offered to bring one back from the states after xmas, hence the low prices on the last three. The first is available here in the UK.

    I have too many options open to me!
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    Think in your case, a pro would be better, not least because you can upgrade the SSD and Ram yourself for cheap. Not sure how much of a difference ivy bridge makes for Logic pro though.
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