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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by alexbaca, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Oct 19, 2014
    Hello. I'm in desperate need for some help. :confused:
    Let me start out with a little preface; I got my 13" MacBook Pro in Dec. of 2011, and it's been an amazing computer. Lately, though, I've noticed that it's incredibly slowed down, and it freezes often. I looked to see if I was running out of space on my hard drive, but I still have over 100 GB left. Does anyone have any ideas about what's going on? Could it just be getting old? (that leads in to where I need a lot of help)
    Now that I've prefaced, I'll get into the big issue. I do a lot of film work, and one of the greatest things about the 2011 MacBook Pro is that it has a built in CD/DVD port. Having looked at the new MacBook Pro, I'm nervous about having an external CD drive... Plus it seems like a stupid expense.
    Here are my options, since I can't afford to buy it all :rolleyes:. I can buy a new MacBook Pro, and just bite the bullet and buy the disc drive. I can also buy a MacBook Air and use that for school, while I continue to use my MacBook Pro, but JUST for film. I can get a new Pro next year, but will my current one hold out for that long?
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