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Discussion in 'iPad' started by BBQ BOY, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Feb 23, 2010
    As I stated in a previous thread this is the first time we are considering an iPad. I am not sure which size to get though. We have about 1,000 songs, Some HD videos but not much and around 14,000 photos. I doubt very seriously that I would download all of those photos but if I were which size iPad would I need?

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    7" unless you've been around. Wait I mean 32GB.
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    Well, it depends on if you have a strict budget at all.

    I suggest you get the largest iPad you can easily afford. If it is 64gb then great if it is 16gb then you'll have to make due.

    I like the 64gb because I can put just about all my media on it (almost full now but I have a lot of stuff) and not really worry about what I sync. I will have to choose soon (probably between movies and tv show) but I couldn't imagine only having a small memory drive to save all my stuff.

    Isn't the point of these type of things to be able to have it all available to you if and when you need it??
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    Get the iPad with the largest memory that you can afford - and if possible, the 3G version. You may not need all of the features (e.g. 3G and GPS), but the higher spec models will have a disproportionally higher resale when it comes to upgrading.
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    go for gold!

    When I first purchased my iPad I too considered this question. I though I would only need the 32GB version, but made a last minute decision to go with the 64 and man am I glad I did. Its so nice having the extra space and not having to constantly manage what I want to put on and take off of my iPad. Just sync and go. If you can afford it, I highly recommend the 64GB. And like others have said, it will fetch a far higher resale value as well.
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    Really, as big as you can afford.

    It got the 32 GB 'casue I need the 3G, and the shop I was sold out of 64GB 3g.

    Wish I had the extra spacwe now. 65% full already.

    I do think 3g is important. Having a mobile device is what the iPad is about, for me.

    Though to be honest I dont really need 100 albums on my iPad and my phone.

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