Help me decide on ipod nano 7G vs ipod touch 4G (both 16GB)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by passingapple, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. passingapple, Sep 12, 2013
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    Hello folks,

    I have resisted on buying an ipod all these years and never owned one, but finally decided to get one. I get bored in the gym these days between workouts, you know.

    I am looking at these two from the apple store (those of you who have either or both of these devices could help me out on deciding):

    a) refurbished ipod nano 7 gen 16GB ($99)
    b) refurbished ipod touch 4 gen 16GB ($149)

    I've never bought a refurbished one, but I hear good things about them and it's not like I'd be buying a $1000+ macbook laptop, so this will do. Now there are also other options like the refurbished ipod nano 6 gen 16GB ($119) or ipod touch 5 gen 32GB ($249), but I don't need the watch nor want to drop $250 on this. Ditto for the shuffle due to its lack of storage and inability to let me pick and choose songs.

    I mainly want a dedicated device for music playback for going to the gym and/or occasional jogging. Maybe I could also use it during travels.

    The ipod Touch 4 gen is only $50 more expensive and has a better battery life (10 hours longer) AND it would give me options like internet surfing and other apps (it's always nice to have options whether I need them or not) whereas the nano, there is nothing but music playback, so it obviously is a better value/bang for the buck. But my concern is that it might be comparably too bulky to carry it around the gym all the time or when going for a quick jog (I could easily carry it for the travel, though). It's basically a size of a phone, isn't it? Since the nano is tiny, it won't be issue at all for me, but I am not sure about the touch. I generally don't like carrying things around in my pockets.

    So would you still buy the ipod touch 4 gen? Or the nano? I think $150 is just about the maximum I would go since I just want an inexpensive compact dedicated music playback device. I am leaning towards the nano, but I can be persuaded if those of you had not-so-pleasant experience with the nano and/or went for the touch 4 gen instead and liked it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Apr 10, 2013
    the 4th gen touch is now out of date so i would recommend a refurb 32gb 5th generation and its gonna be sold for a few more years so get that. if you do get a really good case like an otterbox because all touch screen apple products break really easy!

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    Based on the situation you're describing, I'd recommend the nano, especially since Web surfing and apps are not an overriding concern. The nano is perfect as a music playback device; I'm using one of my 5th gen nanos as I write this, in fact.

    The 7th gen nano can be used for video playback, which is handy for travel. Yeah, okay, the screen is small, but 30-minute to 1-hour shows shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Two real-world examples: On my blue 16 Gb 5th gen right now, I have over 1,200 songs (majority in 256K, some in Apple Lossless) and 75 music videos, with about 450 Mb of space left. On my silver one, I have about 300 songs (dynamically compressed to 192K during sync), those same 75 music videos, about 20 episodes from various sitcoms and about 3 or 4 movies, with about 1.5 Gb of room left-- enough for two full-length movies.
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    Jul 19, 2013
  5. Jessica Lares macrumors G3

    Jessica Lares

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    I have the iPod Nano 7th gen. I think it's the perfect device. For one thing, it shuts off after a hour or so on standby. So since I use it for a little bit of music, a little bit of tracking my steps, and a little bit of TV, I only charge it every month. And maybe every week with heavier usage.

    The iPod Touch 4th generation has slanted buttons, and that's the only issue I have with it. Otherwise it makes a nice music player too.

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