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Discussion in 'iPad' started by londoner888, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. londoner888 macrumors regular


    Jun 9, 2010
    Tottenham, London
    I've always been an iPhone user (3, 3Gs and now 4) but never bought an iPad 1.
    I didn't really have a need for it since my iPhone pretty much did most of things I would have bought it for... music, browsing the net in bed and watching Youtube and iPlayer.

    But I've decided that I am going to buy an iPad 2.
    Firstly because it looks so cool, but mainly because I travel quite regularly and using the iPad in a hotel with the bigger screen would improve my experience over the small iP4.

    I'm buying the iPad purely for my leisurely use rather than business.
    I'm not much of a games player and my main use for it would be browsing the web, email, facebook, twitter etc.
    Watching movies bought/rented from iTunes, BBC iPlayer and youtube.
    Reading e-books.
    Listening to music.
    This is when I'm out staying at hotels, or round my girlfriend's house for the weekend, as when I'm at home, I'll be using the laptop.

    I'm going to spend max £500 on the iPad, but can't really decide if I should go for the 32gb WiFi, or 16gb WiFi+3G?
    The only thing I am sure of is it will be a white iPad:D

    I could do with the bigger memory because my 16gb iP4 has only 2.4gb capacity left. Although I'm guessing I won't have half as many apps on the iPad than I do on the iP4.

    Yet at the same time, I'm thinking it'll be good to have 3G for those times when there aren't WiFi hotspots available, ie. on the train, car, park etc
    If I do go for 3G, it will be the Orange PAYG daily £2 for 200mb package.

    What would you guys recommend?
    Anyone bought a WiFi-Only iPad and regretted it later? or vice versa?
  2. icecrystal23 macrumors 6502

    Jul 18, 2010
    I bought a WiFi original iPad and regretted it. I am getting the 3G this time. It's not often that I don't have WiFi around, but it was often enough for me to notice that 90% of what I do on my iPad requires an Internet connection.
  3. bandrews macrumors 6502a

    Jul 18, 2008
    Bear in mind that iOS 4.3 will make a wifi hotspot (depending on your carrier) so it may work out cheaper to get the wifi only and use 3G your iPhone to get online with the iPad (and let's face it, you'll always have your phone with you) - that way you're only paying one contract/data charge. Not sure on pricing but guessing it should work out cheaper than carrying two contracts.
  4. Fireworld macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2011
    Get the 3g for sure. You may not notice how much you need the internet until you try getting online and can't.

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