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Jun 5, 2015
There are numerous posts, reviews and opinions about what stylus is best for the iPad and I feel like I have a strong idea of the pros and cons of each one I am considering. I am now reaching out to my fellow redditors in hopes of narrowing it down to one.

  • currently have Wacom bamboo alpha
  • stylus will be used for note taking and PDF markups for work and business school
  • with current stylus, I use notability due to audio recording/syncing, ability to import pictures and PDFs.
  • I also own current version of goodnotes and like it as well but haven't used it for awhile (wish it had audio features like notability)

Styluses I have narrowed down to (in no particular order):

  • Bluetooth for Palm rejection
  • button for shortcut
  • rechargeable
  • small tip
  • tapping noise
  • placement of button
  • features not supported in notability
  • Bluetooth for Palm rejection
  • rechargeable
  • small tip
  • tapping noise
  • features not supported in notability
  • no shortcut button
  • rechargeable
  • will work on any app (but relies on apps built in Palm rejection, which may not be good)
  • small tip
  • no tapping noise
  • no built in Palm rejection
  • no shortcut button

So those are the 3. The only thing I really care about it the fine tip. The other features are great additions but are about equal in want. Palm rejection would be nice since I am left handed and write at a weird angle but notability and goodnotes both have it built in, though not perfect. The shortcut button would be nice just to save a step when needing to erase/undo.

Is the tapping noise really that noticeable in a classroom of around 30 students and a teacher lecturing? Most students are typing away on laptops.

Ideally I would like to try each stylus out before buying. Best Buy allows me to return an opened box for 15 days, so I could buy one and if i don't like return it or exchange for another model.They carry both adonit and Wacom but not the Lynktec. I would prefer to go through Amazon since I have some gift cards to spend.

However, looking at prices on Amazon(sold by Amazon):
Lynktec : $52
Wacom fineline: $50.

For $2 less I can get the additional features if I can handle the tapping noise and not annoy classmates. I have amazon gift card I could use but I don't know if i could get amazon to refund me if I hate the wacom or the tapping noise. An additional note, both products are about $10 cheaper if I buy on Amazon through a 3rd party but that makes returns even tougher and I don't know if they will accept open box returns.


Please share your experiences and thoughts.


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Nov 4, 2013
I'm still happy with my 20 dollar bamboo stylus V1. I've tried a couple of higher end stylus and I still preferred the bamboo.


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May 15, 2011
East Coast, USA
I have the adonit jot pro (The one with the plastic disc on the end) I love it. It's accurate, no skipping, works with everything. You also never have to charge it. I use the zoom feature in Notes Plus so that takes care of wrist rejection.
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