HELP ME!! dented the back of my macbook screen.


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Jan 21, 2012
I dropped my macbook pro and dented the back of the screen, in doing so I think I damaged the screen as well. There's a thick white block in the middle with lots of other coloured lines. I'm thinking that it's quite bad :( but I'm really not sure how bad it is. Could anybody advise me on how much it'll cost to repair? Thanks :)


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Jul 29, 2011
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Your best bet is to take it to an Apple store....They will tell you what needs replacement, after that, it's up to you if you want to attempt the repair yourself or go with them....You could have damaged the logic board, GPU etc.

At least if you take it to Apple, you'll know what's needed.


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Jul 29, 2011
United Kingdom
My 2.2 15" fell slipped off the chair the other day. The Speck case ensured there was no damage so would recommend one to avoid this type of situation. They're not ideal since they are not too easy to get on and off to be fair but I just know it's the right thing to do.. My old MacBook had scratches on the bottom tray just from being moved around on my desk. This one looks as good as new when cleaned up.
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