Help Me Diagnose My Logic Board Very Detailed

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    I am going to give you my detailed story so there is no questioning of what I did etc. After reading threads the last few days, I noticed people do not give enough Info and the same things get answered or suggested every post. I am asking for help, and hopefully this will help someone else out as well. There are pictures to go along about what I am talking about so there will be no need to ask for pictures as well lol unless more are needed.

    So I bought a 2011 Macbook Pro 2.3 I5 320gb for cheap off of a friend since he said apple wanted 800 or so to replace the logic board. MC700LL/A. I have been reading alot of older post the last few days and I am pretty sure I need a couple 2A 0402 fuses? or capacitors? Before I get into details, I do not know if this laptop was ever liquid damaged, he said that the screen just stopped working, after taking it apart, the spill indicators were still white, but doesnt mean a small amount could of spilt on it and ruining the board. When I first got it, it would turn on ONLY while plugged in. I am thinking ok, the battery is either bad or there is a short some were. Also when it turned on, I would just hear the hardrive and cd-rom going, no boot chime and no image on the screen, i even shined a light and there was nothing to rule out the back light. I did the whole reset PRAM and SMC with no luck. I plugged it into an external and could not get anything to show up. So then I broke it down, I took everything out except the battery because I did not have a tri head screw driver. I cleaned everything, I cleaned the board with 95% alcohol (highest I could find) lightly brushed it with a tooth brush, dryed it out and just went through everything. I noticed on the LVDS cable and connector, some of the pins looks bad, some of the pins looked broken and the gold plating had wore off. Some of the pins look to be stuck inside the connector as well, I took it off very carefully to. So im thinking thats gotta be it. I did not have a replacement cable but i tryed to clean it off as best as I could. I also decided to bake the logic board for 10 min at 325 to just reset all the connections. I put everything back together after it had dryed and cooled off. I hit the power button with it not plugged in and there was nothing, then i plugged it in and it booted with a boot chime and the keyboard lit up, I was pretty stoked until i never saw anything appear on the screen. I then put a light up to it and i could see an image, so then i was like it works but with no back light. I then connected it to an external and got it to appear on the external monitor. At this point I am gaining faith, I am seeing improvement. So then after reading more of these helpfull threads on here I start measuring capacitors on the logic board for the WLED driver. I could not find much on my particular Logic board, most were for earliar models. Although similar there not the same. Here come the pictures:


    In this picture shows some of the pins that appear to be lodged inside the connector, I did locate a new connector but not sure if I can install it myself. Even though i do have soldering experiance.


    This shows the Male end of the LVDS connector and how some of the pins are damaged.


    This is by the battery connector, I am not sure if this fuse or capacitor would have something to do with the battery not being able to power the mbp on. I put my multimeter on each side and was reading an open circuit. Then when I put one prong connecting one side of the fuse and touching the battery prongs it would become a closed circuit and it did it for each side. I am showing which sides of the fuse became a close circuit when I touched the battery prongs. So I am thinking this capacitor is not allowing power to flow threw from the battery. Also the little one in front of it is also reading open circuit.


    SO...I Forgot to mention one thing, as I was testing these little small 0402 Fuses, One just happened to fly off the F### board. I was Pissed But theres a big lesson learned from this which I will get to in a second that would help everyone out. So the 3 little guys surrounding the 1 that fell off all have no reading, and are all reading open circuit. Im not sure if thats how there supposed to be but Im not an electrical engineer but it wouldnt make sense to me to put a capacitor somewere not needed. Then There is that awkward capacitor with the P on it, and that is also reading open circuit. I read on a thread somewere that, that 1 particular capacitor with the P on it might have something to do with the back light. Not sure but I am guessing. Now back to the 0402 fuse that had fallen off the board, well, I put the logic board back in and connected everything and booted it up and noticed that NOW there was no image on the screen and no back light but it still booted and heard a chime. NOW we know that the fuse that had fallen off Has something to do with the screen image for everyone out there. You learn from your mistakes. So if you had read all this I would really like to thank you because I have ADHD and if I saw a thread this long I would of just hit the back button lol. But honestly this is were I need your help on what to do and were to go next. I have done everything in my knowledge now I need some expert knowledge, I actually got this project to learn from it and become better and I intend to fix this laptop and use it. If i cannot fix it well i guess il have to send the logic board out to one of those repair people but I am trying not to do that. I hope other people learn from my Post so Cmon people, Lets get some answers out there.
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    LOL. Holly Toledo man, you went the other way. I don't think members of this forum are into THIS MUCH detail. Maybe try an electronics forum.
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    We just talk about rumors here. We dont like dealing with facts.

    I really do hope someone can help you from this forum.
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    That is probably a capacitor for filtering out high frequency spikes. When you measure across it I'd expect to see an open circuit, thats essentiall what a capacitor looks like in a DC circuit. If it were a fuse, it would quickly blow due to all of the current flowing through it.

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