Help me downgrado to 5.1.1

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by TheN3kroz, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Hello I am just in a problem...

    My iPod touch was by accident updated to iOS 6.0.1

    :confused: where can i find my shsh files in my computer so that I can downgrade my iPod? or
    how can I downgrade with no shsh? or what can I do to downgrade? please help me...



    I dont have my iPod Jailbroken or anything like that can some one help me downgrado my iPod, thank you.
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  3. Lacemaker427, Mar 14, 2013
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    6.1.2 is better than 6.1.3, the crashing mess, but...

    Why downgrade? Look in the AppStore for an iOS6 App which will deliniate the advantages of 6.1.2, or Google it from Apple. I've been very happy with the upgrade, but not until a very annoying bug was ironed out. Below is copied an earlier MacRumors answer.

    "Beware of stinking Facebook when you upgrade! It will take over your Calendar and Contacts leaving entries you cannot delete! Go into Settings > Facebook > and switch off Calendar and Contacts. Thanks to Utilitap, maker of Week Calendar, and their VERY fast query responses, I hadn't broken too many glasses!"

    "After it all, I still hate Facebook! Before I had the answers, I tried to delete the errant entries which was impossible! Then I tried to delete Facebook, and it decided I was a hacker, so it blocked me from killing it! As soon as I fixed the problem, I went back into Facebook, AND I KILLED THE HATEFUL THING! Now I feel better! Time to sweep up the glass!"

    I've been running iOS 6.1.2 for a number of weeks now, and I have found no other problems. After the FaceBook annoyance was squashed, I couldn't be happier with the upgrade. Maybe someday I'll add FaceBook again, but truthfully, I haven't missed it!


    I upgraded again to 6.1.3, and then the crashing odyssey began. I wanted to come here for help, but couldn't use the iPod for the crashes every few minutes. Finally, after a number of hard resets, it is working pretty well. Phew! I'm relieved I wasn't stuck with an expensive paperweight. If anyone has the same problem, press the Home AND the Power buttons at the same time and hold until the apple appears AND disappears, THEN let go. Wait a few seconds, then power it up again. If it is still crashing, repeat until it behaves; it was I believe 5 times before I had a functioning iPod again!
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    Try this?

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