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    Sep 7, 2004
    I have my MobileMe account which I use for sync of contacts, calendars, etc. and email.

    I have my gmail account which has always been my AppleID since 2002-2003 when I got my first iPod and made my first iTunes store purchases.

    For the last couple years my wife and I have been just using my gmail account (AppleID) to make all of our App/Music purchases.

    The way I think I am reading about iCloud and how it will download apps/sync our data automatically to our devices is that we have to use the same email account to purchase that we use for mail contacts and calendars.

    This will create an issue because again, what I currently use for sync and purchases are two completely different accounts/email addresses.

    Am I way off, mildly confused, or screwed?
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    From here:

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    Sep 7, 2004
    ok right, you know I've read that before but it just finally clicked that I can continue to use my setup exactly how it is.

    I guess my concern was that each account would need to be a full fledged iCloud account in order for the iTunes in the cloud portion to work correctly.

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