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    Hi guys,

    So since I got my iPad 2, I've been trying to find a case that does exactly what I want it to do to no avail. I thought I had a winner in the treegloo, but bad customer service and case quality proved me wrong.

    Just to jump right into what I want:

    1. It must be able to stand the iPad up in landscape, at a minimum. If it can do portrait or multiple viewing angles, that's a major plus. The more viewing angles the better.

    2. It needs to look sleek and professional. No crazy colors or flashiness. I love the look of my treegloo. Canvas, on the other hand, looks cheap to me. Black leather or something like that would be great.

    3. A keyboard would be nice, but not a necessity. If it has a keyboard, it must still be able to fold down completely flat (for lap use or reading in bed) without being taken out of the case or jumping through ten thousand hoops.

    4. Must be a smart cover.

    5. It needs to remain easily portable. I am to and from meetings, work, events, etc, and I need to not have to question whether to bring the iPad because of some inconvenience added by the case.

    6. Obviously, it needs to last. I like the security blanket idea of small company, handcrafted vs big company, mass produced, but this is not a necessity either. It just needs to have quality craftsmanship where I won't have to worry about purchasing a new case until any form changes in future iPads.

    7. Price? $150 is absolute max. Would prefer under $100

    The closest I've found is the Adonis Writer, but it's inability (from what I could tell) to fold flat for bed time reading is a deal breaker. If I have to take the iPad out of its case before bed to use it in bed, putting it back in before work every morning will get very old, very fast.

    Thanks a lot guys!

    Edit: one case I really like is the Sena Magnetic Florence. It covers 6 out of the 7 criteria. However, I wish if didn't cover the bezel. Does anyone know of any virtually identical cases that don't cover the bezel?
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    Oct 26, 2011
    Check out I have Kolossa leather case from them and my sister uses the Sia one. You can find many other models. We both are very happy. I think the one I use answers all your needs. Hope that helps.
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    Jun 1, 2011
    I recently purchased the Harmony case from Evio. No keyboard but it fits easily into the stand provided by the Incase Origami Workstation with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Also fits into the Belkin FlipBlade Adjust stand that has a very narrow slot for the iPad. (Requires draping the cover over the back of the Belkin stand, however.)

    I prefer it to the Maroo cases (which are very nice) because it adds almost no bulk (thickness) to the iPad and looks very professional without being dull.

    Only about $40. Faux leather that looks and feels very good and doesn't smell. Designed and sold by a small company in Southern California. I suspect it's made in China since they don't tout its manufacturing source.

    Because the case is so thin, folding flat is not a problem. But while the cover supports the sleep/wake function when closed, there is no built-in magnet powerful enough to hold the cover against the back of the case while open. A thin strip of metal attached to the back of the case would solve the problem (i.e. a feeler gauge strip) but imo would ruin the clean look of the case.

    Only requirement you have that may leave you cold is the built-in "kick stand." Only a single typing angle is provided and the kickstand has a tendency to close if the case is moved on a desk/table. It's annoying to have the iPad suddenly fall flat when that happens. But I seldom use the on-screen keyboard so it's not a deal breaker for me and the fact that the entire case can be placed in the Origami Workstation or the Belkin stand and used with a bluetooth keyboard makes up for the negative.

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    Maroo makes cases that will do everything you list except contain a keyboard.

    They offer flat position, typing position, and near upright viewing position. They have models in real leather that look professional. They do have models that are very flashy, but they have other models such as black that are subdued and professional. They have a lower priced black model that is not real leather, and a higher priced model that IS real leather. I bought one for myself because I liked the positions and I liked the protection it provides. In photos they will look a bit thick but in reality they are not.

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