Help me find a new phone!!

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by jimbo1mcm, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Of course that sounds kind of pathetic, since a phone is SO personal. What is good for one person is not good for another. But, here are my requirements:

    1. It has to be a Verizon phone. I switched to ATT and it was a hassle, getting bills for months after I left them. All my friends and family are on Verizon, so I just want to stay.

    2. It has to have an operating system and overlay I like. I have used IOS before and I like it. I have also used Android and liked it. I didn't like the Moto X overlay, but the form of the phone was nice.

    3. Price is not a factor. I usually upgrade out of boredom. Every one of my phones have been in working condition when I got rid of them.

    4. Form Factor: I currently have a 5.2 inch IPS phone. I don't think I want to go bigger. 4.7 is my lower limit. I've had an M8 and it feels too big and heavy. I've had a Moto X and the form was good, but I didn't like the Moto version of Android.

    5. Battery life: has to get me through a full day with average use.

    6. Display: has to be bright with decent resolution. The G3 seems kind of dull to me.

    7. Wireless charging: not totally necessary but if there were 2 phones, one with and one without I would take the wireless charging. I have it now and I like it.

    8. Bluetooth and signal quality have to be good.

    The only phones I see on the horizon are possibly a Nexus 6 ( as long as it is not a 5.9 inch screen) or the Iphone 6. Although there are some decent other phones out there like the Opo or the one plus or even a new Sony, they won't be on Verizon.

    In the meantime, I will happily use my G2 until something better comes along.
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    Did you go to the Verizon store and see what they have available?

    Maybe a Note 3, of a Nokia Lumia Icon.
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    Apr 25, 2012
    Interesting that you "don't like the Moto X overlay", there isn't one! The Moto X is as pure of an Android device that you can get, without getting a Nexus. If you don't like the extra features (touchless control, active notifications, etc) you can always disable the apps for those features, but I don't know why you would since those are awesome features of the device.

    On that note, whatever you get, you could always install the GEL and get the same experience as on a Nexus device, but it has to be side-loaded on devices Google doesn't officially list as supported.

    Second-gen Moto X should be out later this month, it's rumored to drop when the Moto 360 is released.

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